'In partnership with customers and suppliers, Midlands takes pride in providing quality products and services derived from the arable industry'

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Midlands Holdings Limited
393-405 West Street
P.O. Box 65
New Zealand

Phone: (03) 308 1265
Fax: (03) 308 1266

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Our Values

  • Innovation

    We are committed to lead in the industry sectors we are involved in.

  • Integrity and Quality

    We maintain and respect maximum integrity, ethics and quality for our stakeholders, individuals and the environment.

  • Our people

    We value our people as individuals and encourage them to challenge themselves to perform to their capacity for mutual success.

  • Customers

    We respect and care for our customers, working in partnership to satisfy their needs and to give them the best possible value & outcomes.

  • Suppliers

    We see our suppliers, especially our farmer suppliers, as being in partnership with us. Their success is our success.

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