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Midlands Seed Limited (Tasmania)

Midlands Seed (Tasmania) Ltd was established in 2004. Its parent company, Midlands Seed Ltd (NZ) was established in 1990, and a combination of technical expertise, innovation and a confidence in R & D investment has contributed to a highly successful business venture. During this time, Midlands have established international markets for a diversity of crops produced in the heart of New Zealand’s agricultural hub, the Canterbury plains.

As a southern hemisphere seed production specialist, Midlands Seed Ltd are committed to meeting the supply requirements of all of their international customers. To ensure this happens, and to spread associated risks, Midlands Seed Ltd identified Tasmania as an ideal location for this company to expand its seed production areas. Initial trials followed by successful commercial crops have reinforced this notion and due to the results obtained Midlands Seed Ltd have confirmed Tasmania as the perfect offshore production area for this expansion to be achieved. The climate, soil conditions and farmer experience has attributed to this success.


Seed Production

Marrowfat Peas

Midlands Seed Ltd (MSL) has been very successful in the production of specialist pea crops in the Canterbury region, with Marrowfat peas proving to be the most significant market. Good production results have been complimented by a well established Plant Breeding programme. Such results have clearly identified Tasmania as an ideal environment for the production of MSL pea varieties.

MSL has built strong business relationships with customers in Asia, with the end use of this form of seed production being pea-snacks.

Maple peas and Blue peas are also grown by MSL in Tasmania to supply domestic markets within Australia.

White Clover

White clover seed production has been a focus area for MSL, and in 1992 the company entered into a tri-lateral agreement with AgResearch (breeder), Barenbrug (marketer) and MSL (producer), which was subsequently called the “ABM” agreement. The purpose of this agreement was to jointly develop improved cultivars for the European market, and after many years of research and resource investment there have been a number of cultivars released from this programme. This has resulted in a significant international market share of proprietary white clover for MSL. Again to spread associated risks and to ensure continuity of supply MSL has spread its production area into Tasmania.

Other Crops

MSL (Tasmania) is also currently undertaking a range of other seed production in Tasmania.

Crops under production include:

- Broadacre Open Pollinated Asian Brassica Seed (Chinese mustard

- Chinese cabbage and Chinese rape)

- Canola Coriander Crimson Clover Persian Clover Linseed Lucerne Phalaris Ryegrass.


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Contact Details: Midlands Seed Ltd (Tas) PO Box 56 323 Prossers Rd Richmond Tasmania, Australia 7025

Ph:  03 6260 4000 Fax: 03 6260 4013