Midlands Nutritional Oils offer a range of services to our potential and existing customers. This section of our website covers all aspects of the supply of these services under a range of headings. If you require any further information please contact us.

Contract Pressing

In addition to the production of our own oils, Midlands Nutritional Oils offers a contract pressing service.

We can Cold Press your seeds and/or nuts to produce oils specific to your requirements.

We have a long history of producing Cold Pressed oils in our purpose built production premises in Ashburton, which includes an enclosed Cold Pressing facility.

Our production process ensures there is no exposure to light, with temperatures remaining below 40°C. The oil is made in an oxygen-free environment. These three factors ensure prolonged freshness, without any loss of the oils’ nutritional value. Filtration services are available dependant on customer requirements.

If you would like more information about our Cold Pressing service, or any of our oils, please contact us.

Contract Bottling

Contract bottling is a new and very important service to Midlands Nutritional Oils, allowing us to bottle oils and oil blends specifically to customer requirements. Offering this service to our customers means we can ensure that oil quality is maintained throughout the production cycle, ensuring the delivery of oils to the end user with optimal efficacy.

Our current bottling system focuses on both efficiency and quality, and the capability to flush with inert gas ensures the preservation of the health-giving properties of all oils. This is particularly important for nutritional oils with a high polyunsaturated component such as flaxseed oil and hemp seed oil.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply quality oils and associated oilseed products. We trust that we can work together to ensure your future business requirements and service expectations are met.

If you would like more information about our bottling service or any of our oils, please contact us.


In addition to supplying and packing oils for our customers, we are also able to offer New Zealand retail distribution. Midlands Nutritional Oils has an established domestic distribution system for Pharmacies, Health stores, Organic wholesalers and speciality food stores nationwide. An efficient inward and outward goods systems allow us to offer a competitive distribution service to our customers, who are servicing the New Zealand marketplace. Our location in the centre of the South Island allows us to cost competitive freight rates and timely delivery to any location throughout New Zealand. We are happy to discuss distribution services with all of our existing customers, along with new customers who would like to integrate this service with the supply and packing of our oil range. If you require further information on our distribution service please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer Support Services

Midlands Nutritional Oils is focused on building long term relationships with its customers. We have developed the knowledge and experience to assist customers in the delivery of their oil seed products to the marketplace in all parts of the production and marketing process.

Examples of this include: packaging types, technical data for product support, product handling, through to any element of lipid technology.

This knowledge and experience is generated by our established production infrastructure in combination with our understanding of market demands and consumer needs.

For more information on our Customer Support services, please do not hesitate to contact us.