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Midlands Contracting

Midlands Contracting

Midlands Contracting (Ashburton) was established in 2004 to provide specialist contract services to the seed industry. Since the companies inception the New Zealand seed industry has continued to enhance its global reputation for the production of high quality specialty seeds. Midlands Contracting remains focused on positively contributing to this sophisticated industry sector through technical innovation, alongside its commitment to customer service.

The two main areas of enterprise that have been developed are export certified container transportation and precision agricultural contracting.

Agricultural Contracting

In recent years specialist crop production has risen rapidly, with a narrow window of opportunity at various stages of crop management. In recognition of this Midlands Contracting was established to ensure all demands at any given growth stage, are able to be fulfilled. Activities that Midlands Contracting undertakes of particular importance to hybrid seed production in Canterbury are:

  • The GPS precision seeding of crops in the spring and autumn.
  • Plastic laying.
  • Male removal.
  • Inter-Row Spraying.
  • GPS Inter-Row Cultivation.

These activities are all fulfilled with a modern fleet of highly specialised equipment, including GPS steerage for precision seeding and inter-row cultivating.

In addition to servicing the Midlands Seed grower requirements this independent company fulfils a number of specialist activities for other seed production companies and independent farmers in Canterbury.

Please contact Duncan King if Midlands Contracting can provide specialised Agricultural Contracting services that will assist with your farm production.


Midlands Contracting operates a modern Isuzu tractor unit with a high cube export container compatible 43-foot flat deck semi-trailer. This configuration can transport two 20-foot containers or one 40-foot container or one heavy weight 20-foot container central in the deck. In addition the flat deck 43-foot semi-trailer offers the opportunity to cart a range of freight and equipment including tractors, hay and silage.

The primary role of the transport division is the packaging and cartage of export containers to two deep water ports located at Lyttelton - 90 kms to the North and Timaru - 77 kms to the South. Midlands Contracting’s transport operator is an accredited seed inspector and recognised as meeting the requirements of section* of the MAF Bio security standard. In addition, Midlands Contracting comply with parent company Midlands Seed strict internal standards for the quality of cargo that is packed in a container for export. Midlands Contracting Transport division is committed to service and growth. We would be pleased to look at any mainstream or specialist transporting needs, so please call Duncan King now.

* PEO.SPR. Seed Certification requirements for the accreditation of operations providing inspection and auditing service.

Duncan King – Operations Manager
Ph: +64 274 333 352

Midlands Farming

Midlands Farming

Midlands Farming categorises financially the land lease activity undertaken to produce highly specialised seed crops. This Midlands venture was undertaken to ensure that farmers were never offered crops that Midlands Seed were not totally confident of, in regard to the yield, quality and related financial outcome.

At the same time the establishment of this company demonstrates the commitment of Midlands Seed to fulfil total buyer requirements. If you believe you have suitable land available for lease, please contact Jo Townshend or Chris Green at Midlands Seed to discuss in further detail.

Midlands Properties

Midlands Properties

Midlands Properties was incorporated in 2002, to develop predominantly commercial properties, and was initiated with the purchase of the current Midlands Seed office location and surrounds in Ashburton. The continued growth of this business throughout the South Island means Midlands Properties are actively seeking to secure new tenants.

For the successful establishment of your new premises, please contact Duncan Storrier to discuss your requirements on 0274 320 502.