Growing success from the ground up – the Midlands story

Our Story

Everything we cultivate comes back to seeds. And since planting our first one back in 1990, we’ve sown a strong network of products, services and people with one shared goal – to develop the production and export of arable crops from New Zealand.

Through innovation and ingenuity, we’ve become one of NZ’s top agricultural seed producers; a leading producer and exporter of high-quality nutritional oils, and producers of specialist honeys – a by-product of pollinating our seed crops.

We’re also a fundamental force in seed research and development, committed to investing in sustainable seed production that’s world-leading within these sectors.

While we’re at the heart of the global supply chain for products such as Marrowfat peas, Carrot seed, Flaxseed oil and Manuka honey, our commitment goes beyond products. We’re also trusted partners for farmers, suppliers and international buyers, supporting them with products and services that strengthen their business in the long run. Lease farming, asset protection, agricultural contracting; although far reaching, everything we do stems back to seeds and nurturing our clients’ success.

With quality and excellence our benchmark, we’re an interwoven group of people, skills and services operating on a global scale from our home in Canterbury, New Zealand

We bring together industry leaders and an expanding range of products and services.