To meet the needs of our customers we package our bulk wholesale product range to our customer's specifications and requirements. We have a large range of different packaging formats, these include:


  • 1L plastic jerry cans
  • 5L plastic jerry cans
  • 20L plastic jerry cans
  • 10L plastic buckets
  • 20L plastic buckets
  • 60L plastic drums
  • 190 kg plastic drums
  • 210 kg steel drums
  • 920 kg Pallecons (with internal food grade bladder)

Seed Extracts and flours:

  • 1 kg bags
  • 5 kg bags
  • 20 kg bags
  • 25 kg bags
  • Bulk Bags and Bulk Bins (Unit Sizes 500-1000kg)

All items used for packaging meet food grade standards, and all packaging specifications are compliant with our Organic Certification programme. All units containing oils are purged with inert gas to minimise oxidation. Innovative packaging systems are available that are intended to minimise oxidation of volatile products by excluding light and air.

Midlands Nutritional Oils is focused on the utilisation of recyclable materials for packaging without compromising product quality and/or food grade standards. This has been validated by the company receiving the various Business Awards for implementing these Clean Green initiatives.