Growing success from the ground up – the Midlands Seed story.

Our story

At Midlands Seed, we produce top-quality vegetable and herbage seeds, pulses, oilseeds and cereal grains from the fertile plains of Canterbury.

Established in 1990, Midlands Seed quickly became one of New Zealand’s top seed and grain producers. Today, we’re at the heart of the global supply chain, delivering 95% of the country’s Marrowfat peas and 40% of the world’s carrot seeds.

But our vision goes beyond products: we have an ongoing commitment to advance the profitability of NZ's arable farming industry through Research and Development, and the continual creation of high value niche markets.


We’re also committed to our clients’ success. And our deep-seated belief of building strong partnerships with our growers, buyers and suppliers has helped position us at the forefront of the New Zealand’s arable industry.

We’re committed to investing in world-leading, high quality seed production.