Cereal Seed & Grain

Cereal Seed & Grain

The Cereal Seed and Grain division of Midlands Seed has experienced staff with expert knowledge of all facets of the grain industry, ensuring we understand the needs of our customers.

For cereal growers we offer a range of cereal seed and contract options to suit a variety of growing conditions and end uses. Midlands’ domestic business is dominated by our grain trading operation which supplies

  • Milling wheat
  • Biscuit wheat
  • Purple wheat
  • Ryecorn
  • Feed wheat
  • Feed barely

As Midlands produces a significant range of specialised crops, our growers are generally in the top tier category, with capability to produce consistently high-quality product for our end user customers. Midlands grain business has been built around relationships with growers and customers alike, encompassing reliability, service, consistency and integrity.


Peter Burton

Sales Manager Cereal Seed & Grain

Ph: +64 27 444 5122

E: seed@midlands.co.nz

Wayne Saunders


Sales Manager Arable Foods

Ph: +61 438 123482

E: seed@midlands.co.nz

Angus Blake

Crop Administration & Logistics

Ph: +64 27 807 9357

E: seed@midlands.co.nz