'In partnership with customers and suppliers, Midlands takes pride in providing quality products and services derived from the arable industry'

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Our Values

  • Innovation

    We are committed to lead in the industry sectors we are involved in.

  • Integrity and Quality

    We maintain and respect maximum integrity, ethics and quality for our stakeholders, individuals and the environment.

  • Our people

    We value our people as individuals and encourage them to challenge themselves to perform to their capacity for mutual success.

  • Customers

    We respect and care for our customers, working in partnership to satisfy their needs and to give them the best possible value & outcomes.

  • Suppliers

    We see our suppliers, especially our farmer suppliers, as being in partnership with us. Their success is our success.

Midlands Holdings News

This section of our website includes newsletters, advertising, and general information about Midlands Holdings Ltd, and its associated companies. If you require any further detail on these topic areas, please do not hesitate to contact our office.
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Industrial Hemp - Radio New Zealand

Thanks to Cosmo and Radio New Zealand for featuring us on Friday...
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Legal hemp sales drifting to the fore

Farmers Weekly, 18 Februrary 2013 - Tougher licencing for hemp production has blown away the dayd...
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Successful 2013 Hemp Harvest for Canterbury

June 2013 - Successful 2013 Hemp Harvest for Canterbury

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Seeds for the future

February 2013 - NZ firms take stake in Roberts. A joint venture has stepped in to continue the op...
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Hemp company sows new season's crop

Dec 2012 - A South Island hemp producing company has just finished sowing the seeds for this seas...
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Delay on hemp decision

New Zealand hemp producers are very disappointed with what they say will be a lengthy delay bef...
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ABC Rural Tasmania

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Our Changing World - Radio New Zealand

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Bees hold the key to Canterbury's growing success

It would be easy to thank honey bees just for their delicious by-product we spread on toast most mor...
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