Production facilities.

Production facilities

Midlands Nutritional Oils production premises have been specially designed to maximize oil quality. This 4500sq foot factory has an enclosed seed pressing room, which excludes light so that delicate seed oils are not exposed to damaging ultra violet light. The thick concrete walls make stable temperature control simple, which again is vital for maintaining oil quality.

Midlands Nutritional Oils premises contains its own seed storage area on site, and all seed delivered for the production of specialty oils such as flaxseed oil, has been machine dressed to the highest purity standard.

Increased market demand for our seed oils and seed oil products has prompted an ongoing need to expand our production facilities. Alongside the development of a stringent Quality Assurance programme, plant capacity has been doubled in recent times to ensure prompt product delivery. In addition cold storage facilities have been incorporated on-site to further optimise product quality and the freshness of both inward and outward raw materials.